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Photo of man and woman planning a budgetSometimes couples contact me and have only one question: “How much do you charge?”  That’s why my fee is now listed here. It’s only by meeting me that you can make your considered decision, and see how you will get best value.

One of Australia’s most experienced and best-known Celebrants (he has conducted thousands of ceremonies) said of Celebrants: “My observation, in 2017, is that one needs to pay $800 to $1200 for a wedding of substance, content and elegance.”

You’ll be pleased that I do NOT cost $1200, but happily, my feedback consistently shows that I do provide weddings of substance, content and elegance!

I’m fairly typical of celebrants. There are some who charge less (often having little experience) and some who charge significantly more.

So how much do my Celebrant services cost?

My maximum cost for a complete ceremony, including all planning, legals, documentation and music, is $800. It is most commonly less, and some discounts may be possible.

Usually people list fees at the lowest level e.g. from $xxx. I prefer you to see the highest, with the reality that it will be less. There are no surprises or hidden extras – you don’t want to be quoted a low figure, then find out that several extras are required, thus sending your costs up.

I have a couple of payment options that you might like to discuss with me. For example, if you pay the full fee at the time of booking, a significant discount will be applied. Alternatively, you might prefer to pay your fees in instalments.

When you book me for your wedding, you pay a deposit, which of course comes off the total later. Unlike most, I won’t charge for travel unless a significant distance is involved.

I consistently spend at least 15-20 hours to prepare completely for individual personalised ceremonies at each wedding, not to speak of travel time, various meetings, etc. That is the reason for error-free weddings, and consistently excellent testimonials. They don’t happen by accident or good luck.

Put simply, I believe in complete transparency with no hidden fees. Don’t let price be a barrier to getting the best possible memories that last a lifetime.

Of course, if you simply want a very small legals-only wedding, it will cost you less. Just ask me.

I also offer a rehearsal for your ceremony at no cost, to ensure that everything goes really well on the big day.

As a highly valued bonus, I give each couple a neatly-bound copy of their entire ceremony, which is a wonderfully nostalgic record of your special day that you can look over in years to come.

Interestingly, the cost of the Celebrant is probably one of the smallest costs of your wedding day, so it’s good to know that you will be getting someone who is experienced and has married many very happy couples. A confident and capable Celebrant will make your day, which means that you can relax!

After the wedding, many couples tell me that it has been worth every cent to have a professional who conducted such a happy and memorable ceremony for them.

My totally honest advice to any couple is, do not make your decision on Celebrants based on cost alone. There’s much more to it than that.

Cheaper is rarely better, in terms of experience, quality of the ceremony and personal support for you. Feel free to call me for a chat as a first step to put your mind at rest on this.

Your aim should be to ensure that everything on your wedding day goes swimmingly, not on saving $150 or so and regretting the outcome. It seems pretty clear that the best Celebrants are not the cheapest, as you are buying their knowledge, experience and skills. I make no apology for that. On your super special day, you don’t want any hassles, and you do want someone who clearly has the experience and ability to smoothly facilitate the whole day with everyone feeling relaxed. I will do that for you.